Valerio Sannicandro has been composer in residence at Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud (Résidence de création „Voix d’hiver“).

You can reach me now also through my official Facebook profile.

COMPOSITION MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: delighted to announce a 6-month long composition mentorship program, a long term project under a one to one guidance. It is meant to address young or advanced composers who want to work actively on specific scores to enhance their technical skills. In particular, some aspects of the score notation that concern both the performer and conductor’s point of view will be deeply analyzed and discussed in a rather workshop-like way of working. More info here.

Next performances:

SEA FORMS (2020) has been performed in Paris on February 7th at Festival PRESENCES (Radio France), performed by L’instant donné. It will be broadcasted on France Musique on March 17th, more details concerning the broadcast will come soon!

Participation at SENSORY ORDERS exhibition (6.11.2020-10.01.2021) at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Arts in Gdansk, graphics and composition sketches for the work A Book of Forms (2014) with a mix of the recording, curated by Erik Adigard.

A new CD release: Illumina Faciem (2016) for two guitars and electronics has been firstly recorded by Davide Ficco for the Da Vinci Publishing in a double CD and DVD with stereo and quadriphonic productions titled Asymmetric Thoughts.

Lecture on November 12th (6 pm) at ICST (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) in German language, on the theme: „Raumformalisierung und ihre musikalische Immanenz„.

On March 28th at ENSA (Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture) de Malaquais in Paris, lecture theme: Music, Architecture – Sound, Space

Portrait on France Musique: Valerio Sannicandro, ou la conquête spatiale a talk with Arnaud Merlin.

The Ensemble ARCIPELAGO アルチペラゴ has given its first public concert on Saturday December 15th in Tokyo, more information and photos on IG: ensemblearcipelago.Works by Berio, Baba, Gardella, Fukui, Sannicandro

On December 7th at 2pm lecture (in French) at IRCAM-Salle Stravinsky (Séminaire Collegium Musicae „Analyse et création“ – Espace et pensée formelle dans la création musicale): COMPOSITIONS MUSICALES DANS L’ESPACE FORMALISÉ. OEUVRES 2007-2015.

On November 28th lecture at CRESSON (Grenoble): Vers un espace sonore formalisé, perspectives de recherche.

The work Ephemeris, for two musicians in two adjacent rooms, produced at the Elektronisches Studio in AdK Berlin can be watched here. This compositions features two (moving) performers projecting sounds through 16 loudspeakers around two adjacent concert rooms.

Available on Vimeo: a short video-description of an installation project (W A W E S) mixing architecture (Jesus Torres) and sound art (Valerio Sannicandro), 3D animation by Martin Lüthy.

On December 6th at the Italian Institute of Culture the first performance of A Book of Clouds for string quartet and eight channel sound projection. This work was completed in Tokyo in 2015 during the TWS Residency. Performers are the Hemmi String Quartet, Sumihisa Arima (live-electronics). The violinist Yasutaka Hemmi will also perform Burial Songs, for amplified violin. Please find here all information.

FINESTERRAE (the ends of land/earth), has been premiered in Stuttgart (Theaterhaus) on July 1st; performed by Neue Vocalsolisten and Garth Knox, who played on three instruments: viola d’amore, viola and electric viola. This 40-minute work, based on text fragments by Tommaso Campanella features several musical sections in which live-electronics transform and spatialize vocal and instrumental sounds, leading the listeners through a multitude of acoustic perspectives, real and virtual spaces, as suggested by Campanella’s visionary poems. A review of the concert is available here.

Portrait concert in Tokyo on November 16th 2015, three compositions have been performed: Sonnet X, Strali (for solo voice, Japanese premiere), A Book of Waves. Concert venue: 0/35.693204,139.790232,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x6018894ba8f49137:0xda0655430c1ff7d3?hl=ja" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Ryogoku Monten Hall, with a speech by the composer. This concert has been a co-production of Tokyo Gen’On Project and Tokyo Wonder Site Residency.

The spatial composition for two adjacent rooms Ephemeris / Ékleipsis has been premiered in Berlin (commissioned by Akademie der Kuenste with the support of Siemens) in the two main halls on September 25th. This new spatial work is conceived for two moving musicians (clarinet, saxophone) projecting sounds variably toward two microphones. The acoustic variations produce a variable live-electronic result: sounds are spatialized along 16 loudspeakers around the two halls so that two twin-environments are created. Acoustic effects of fore- and background are produced in this 25-minute-composition, that after Ius Lucis, explores new ways of multiple sound-environments (and spaces).

A theoretical work, a research made at TU Berlin: „Space and Spatialization as Discrete Parameter in Music Composition. A Space-Oriented Approach to écriture: From Acoustics through Informatics to Musical Notation“ is available as printed book.

On November 9th 2014: award of Claudio-Abbado-Kompositionspreis at Philharmonie Berlin (Kammermusiksaal), world premiere of a new work for eight musicians: AQUAE commissioned by the Orchester-Akademie der Berliner Philharmoniker: “Valerio Sannicandro’s sound language is an interplay between the compositional idea, a ‘spatialization’ of music and performing challenges. AQUAE presents the listener with tone images which sometimes sound unreal and whose production rely on the instrumentalists leaving their usual instrumental space.” Recording of the premiere available here.

Complete recordings of some works are available at

Trois Chants Noh (2011) has been released on CD, performed by Ryoko Aoki (Noh singer) and Kazushi Saito (flutes).

SONNET X (2008) for tuba and live-electronics has been released on CD by WERGO.

Invited by Erik Adigard Valerio Sannicandro gave a Lecture on Music/Architecture at Centre des Recollets (Paris).

Valerio Sannicandro has been selected by the American Academy in Rome for the Marcello Lotti Affiliated Fellowship in Musical Composition.

The work FORCES MOTRICES was awarded the Giga-Hertz Produktionspreis for electronic music.

IUS LUCIS (2006/2007) for two ensembles in two rooms has been released by WERGO. The work is produced on SACD (super audio CD) in stereo as well as 5.1 version.

Valerio Sannicandro has been co-curator and new music advisor for the new music project with the Philharmonisches Orchester Cottbus (Germany); the German orchestra won the „Musikverleger-Preis“ for the best concert program in 2010/2011.